Go-Ahead Buses held an inter-garage annual risk competition aimed at increasing close call reporting, and raising awareness around Health & Safety issues.

CIRAS were invited to deliver a couple of sessions; one on the benefits of reporting and the role this plays in maintaining a good health and safety culture, and the other on fatigue awareness and management.  

At the Go-Ahead bus garage in Merton we had discussions with staff around the value of reporting and how it can increase safety and improve culture within the workplace. We talked about the barriers to reporting and encouraged staff to share their views.

At Go-Ahead bus garage in Stockwell the conversations included topics such as health and wellbeing, shift patterns, and the effects and day to day management of fatigue, including  how issues such as childcare and night shifts impacted on day to day living.

Over 200 frontline staff including bus drivers, engineers and members of the management team took the time to engage with us.