We are delighted to be sponsoring the Workforce Safety category at UKRIA 2017. We believe that confidential reporting plays an important role in helping to improve the safety of the workforce – providing staff with an alternative reporting channel for safety and health concerns. We are not there to replace existing reporting channels, but rather to act as a complimentary system and ensure that there is always a route for concerns to be reported and resolved.

We have offered a confidential reporting service to our members and their staff for over 20 years. We now have 1800 members from across a wide variety of UK transport modes. These include rail, light rail, bus and roads/highways.

By working with our members, we are in the fortunate position to be able to share solutions from our reports and create a network of learning. We offer our member access to this shared learning via our website, newsletter and the programme of events we run throughout the year.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of CIRAS, please contact Kerry Dolan (Membership Manager) on 020 3142 5372 or for general information call us on 0203 142 5369.