Driven to distraction

A new report is out with a clear focus on bus safety. The London Assembly Transport Committee report 'Driven to Distraction - Making London's Buses Safer’, published 17 July 2017, suggests a number of recommendations to improve bus safety in the capital. CIRAS has made a significant contribution to the report. Even before its publication, CIRAS was collaborating with the bus operators to improve safety culture, and bus drivers were being supported through several CIRAS-led initiatives. This good work continues.


The report can be read here.


Progress with the London bus community


Since January 2016, CIRAS has been working closely with the London bus operators to introduce confidential reporting to all of their employees. The system has been used primarily by frontline operators to report issues such as fatigue, distraction, maintenance, occupational health and welfare facilities. Roundtable discussions with the operators have been held to gain feedback for improving the system for the benefit of all who use it.


We have also held a series of workshops in bus depots on fatigue management with Abellio and Go Ahead for bus drivers. In summer 2017, as a natural development to build on this work, we began piloting some innovative workshops on mindfulness with Abellio.


The mindfulness workshops address some of issues -such as fatigue, distraction and maintaining alertness - that around a third of drivers are reporting to CIRAS. The workshops, which have received excellent feedback, introduce the concept of mindfulness and provide some practical tips for staying alert whilst driving.