Rail Safety Review is intended to inform, stimulate, promote good practice and share lessons learnt. It’s drawn from RSSB's collective knowledge and aims to link incidents to SMS arrangements. Issue 11 looks at vegetation, buffer stop collisions and health issues. It also considers a number of broken wheel incidents that have been occurring on the Continent, asks questions about safety critical comms, and ponders the link between fatigue and distraction.


Vegetation: an annual problem, or a growing one?

Health and wellbeing: fit for work, fit for life

Buffer stop collisions: old incident, new causal chain highlights training as possible problem area

Broken wheel causes derailment in Belgium, prompts broader investigation

Derek Hotchkiss tells a cautionary corporate memory tale

CIRAS discusses the problems of distraction

The latest edition may be found https://www.rssb.co.uk/Opsw/Documents/Rail-Safety-Review-11-June-2017.pdf