RSSB's Lead Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Stephanie Fitzgerald, lists a few tips and tweaks to ensure better health this week (and all weeks!) and to start thriving with better mental health: 

  • Get more sleep. Treat yourself to an early night and get some extra Zzzzzzz's this week. Sleep allows our brain to better handle stress and strain and is a great way to look after yourself.
  • Digital detox. Even though it can be hard to disconnect it's important to switch off your phone, iPad, TV and laptop and take time out. Not only will you sleep better (see above!) but comparison is the thief of joy and too much social media has been linked to poor mental health. It's easy to forget that when we view social media we are seeing other people's highlight reels not their day to day reality. So take some time out. Use the time to focus on your life and forget what others are doing. 
  • Treat yourself. It doesn't need to be expensive but even if it's time out to have a bubble bath, curling up with your favourite book or five mins to enjoy a cuppa make sure that you take some time to treat yourself. When we get busy, stressed and overwhelmed we tend to fall down our own priority list and it's important to look after yourself. A little treat reminds your brain that you are worth looking after and will encourage more opportunities in the future.
  • Eat well. It's not a complicated theory and the simple truth is eat rubbish, feel rubbish. Your body can only process what you put in it so make sure that you eat plenty of colourful fresh food which will leave you feeling great, full of energy and positive. Also lay off the booze. Whilst it's tempting to unwind with a glass or two, alcohol is a depressant so if you're not feeling great then alcohol is not your friend and will actually make you feel worse (and not just the hangover!).
  • Move! You don't need to be doing intensive HIIT training but even a gentle stroll can help you burn stress and provide you with some serotonin and oxtocin- these are the happy hormones that will really boost your mood. So get moving and enjoy!