In this edition we: share new tools to help promote CIRAS; feedback from our June learning events on health and wellbeing; and ask you for help in ensuring we have the correct contact details for you.   

Putting ‘health’ back into ‘health and safety’: In June, 88 members attended our June series of learning events across the country. Key themes: getting (and keeping) your staff engaged; and the importance of securing leadership buy in. For tips and suggestions, read our blog. CIRAS members can also download an event report from the 'Shared learning' page in our member portal.

Refresh of rep resources online: We ask CIRAS reps to co-ordinate report responses, raise awareness of the scheme, provide feedback to help us improve, and share information with their colleagues. We’ve updated our member portal to pull all the support together in one handy place. Members can check out ‘The role of the rep’ pages on the members' portal.

‘Introducing CIRAS’ article: To help CIRAS reps ensure their frontline staff know about CIRAS, we have created a template article which can be used in an internal newsletter or intranet. Members can download from ‘Tools for reps’ on the member portal.

New staff induction slides: We have updated the slides on our members' portal with new content to help members brief staff about CIRAS at their induction. Also available under 'Tools for reps'.