Our industry increasingly relies on a mobile workforce, and it’s not uncommon for contractors to move from company to company, having to familiarise themselves with new safety culture and reporting arrangements as they go. They are unlikely to feel as familiar with internal reporting channels as their permanent counterparts. Or they simply may not feel the same level of job security, which might inhibit them from reporting concerns as freely. 

If you supply labour to the rail industry, remember that your CIRAS membership covers your employees, including all the staff you are supplying clients. Don’t rely on your clients to tell your workers about CIRAS – you are in the perfect position to ensure that they know they have the same ‘safety net’ as others in the industry. 

Of course contractors should use local reporting arrangements if they feel they can, but CIRAS will always be there for them if it’s needed – regardless of where they are working.  A worker can raise concerns about any organisation with CIRAS - be it their employer, a partner organisation or a client.  Ensuring everyone knows there’s always somewhere to go with a safety concern can lead to peace of mind and a safer workplace for all.

You’ll find a range of resources to help you promote CIRAS on our member portal at www.ciras.org.uk. If you need us to resend your login details, contact us on enquiries@ciras.org.uk