CIRAS has published its Priorities 2018-19 enabling delivery of its critical role in health and safety management.

​This year’s activity focuses on three key areas: service, community and value.

Head of CIRAS, Catherine Baker said: Our ambition is to extend confidential health and safety reporting to more frontline staff through raised awareness and membership growth, and to deliver more value from trends raised by reports and shared learning opportunities within our member community.

We will provide our confidential reporting service effectively to all members:

  • Maintaining integrity
  • Facilitating timely, high quality responses
  • Promoting shared learning from reports
  • Working with members to promote the availability of confidential reporting to front line staff

We will expand the CIRAS community, enabling more transport and infrastructure staff to have access to confidential reporting, and broadening the community for shared learning.

  • Seeking new members
  • Seeking partnerships where these can support shared learning

We will deliver value for money to our members.

  • Consulting with members to shape the services we offer
  • Reviewing our levy structure for 2019/20
  • Continuing to build our digital offering to efficiently deliver services to members
  • Sharing intelligence on emerging health and safety issues