In response to member feedback, we are going to publish a list of the all reports we have closed in Membership Matters going forward. In this edition you can see all reports closed since 1 April 2018. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector. CIRAS members can read the full reports and member responses online in our members' portal.

Report no. Title Sector(s)
01079 Rule book clarification relating to the use of the wheelchair space on buses Bus & Coach
55728 Inadequate rest facilities in Greenford Broadway Bus & Coach
55732 Defected driver’s seat causing back pain on single decker buses Bus & Coach
01065 Narrow path in Tilbury Docks FOC
55558 Unisex toilets at Braking Freightliner terminal FOC
55565 Staff not receiving sufficient rest breaks on shift FOC
55595 Drivers suffering from fatigue at the Peak Forest depot FOC
55695 Health risks to staff handling human waste at Motherwell Depot FOC
55805 Issues with critical information cascaded to drivers FOC
55639 Asbestos present at Ashford maintenance depot Infrastructure manager
55662 Condition of track on the up and down Westbury line Infrastructure manager
55683 Poor working conditions during bad weather Infrastructure manager
55688 Multiple concerns with the Suicide Prevention Team across the London North Western route Infrastructure manager
55689 Network Rail Safety Standards leading to distraction Infrastructure manager
55698 Narrow platforms at London Bridge train station Infrastructure manager / TOC
55738 Defective emergency alarm between Yeovil Pen Mill Signal Box and Westbury Signalling Centre Infrastructure manager
55776 Loose fragments falling from a railway bridge in London Infrastructure manager
55573 The procedure of routine inspections at London Underground stations Light Rail
55610 Safety breaches at Birmingham city centre Light Rail
01067 Lack of or unsuitable accommodation provided for long commute shifts Supplier
55615 Unapproved grinders at Moorgate tunnel Supplier / Infrastructure manager
55649 Working hours for subcontractors across the Great Western network Supplier
55703 Staff inhaling diesel fumes at Western Lane Depot in Crewe Supplier
55770 Lack of clarity and structure when using internal reporting channels Supplier
55481 Concerns with waste collection at Colchester Station TOC
55511 Issues with Train Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) TOC
55531 Issues with diagrams causing fatigue TOC
55560 Empty windscreen fluid tank on South Western Railway trains TOC
55570 Low staff levels at Bristol Temple Meads railway station TOC
55592 Crowding issues at Bath Spa station TOC
55600 Staff shortages at gate line at King’s Cross station TOC
55635 Ice gritting at stations on the Thameslink line TOC
55644 Worn paint on platform edges across the Tyne Valley line stations TOC
55663 Emergency lights out of use at the Ramsgate Maintenance Depot TOC
55673 Uncoupling procedures on the 12-car Electrostar trains TOC
55682 Platform Train Interface issues at High Wycombe station TOC
55710 Bright beam lights on Hitachi Class 800 trains TOC
55742 Lack of working radios at Guildford Station TOC
55749 Issues with Class 68 locomotives TOC
55769 Conflicting routes at Cardiff Canton Diesel Depot TOC
55774 Lack of dispatch staff at Stockport Railway Station TOC
55792 Insufficient length of track for brake testing at Audley End TOC
55811 Ineffective fire alarm system on Great Northern route sidings TOC


Key: TOC - Train Operating Company     FOC - Freight Operating Company