See below for the reports we have closed in October and November 2018. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector. CIRAS members can read the full reports and member responses online in our members' portal.

Report no. Title Sector(s)
01308 Broken chairs at Brewery Road Police Station  British Transport Police 
01174 Concerns with inadequately trained staff working on the GWR network  TOC
01226 Excessive heat in bus driver's cab Bus & Coach
01112 Stress and verbal abuse at Liverpool Lime Street station TOC
01163 High track guard boards at the West Marina depot TOC
01233 Uncomfortable in cab temperatures on Abellio buses Bus & Coach
01200 Issues with late notice of shifts Supply chain
55724 Issues with the Ultrasonic Test Unit (UTU) train on the London North Western route TOC
55739 Concern over effectiveness of Close Call system Infrastructure Manager
55591 Dazzling light at three level crossings in Wales TOC
55669 Instructions for DC powered overhead lines on tram-train scheme TOC
55714 Change of delivery to GWR safety days TOC
55719 Insufficient number of CCTV cameras at Tonbridge Station TOC
55741 Inadequate lighting and walking routes at East Ham Maintenance Depot TOC
55759 Connect radio signal failure at Kew Gardens Station London Underground
Unsafe walkway at Nene Sidings TOC
Insufficient rest period when switching to day shift from night shift Supply chain
Network Rail worker using mobile phone in the four foot Infrastructure Manager
01184 Sub-contractors at risk of fatigue Supply Chain
01192 Overgrowth giant hogweed at Thornliebank station Infrastructure Manager
01199 Lack of walking routes at Aylesbury Maintenance Depot TOC
01203 Visibility concern of Class 345 Crossrail trains Infrastructure Manager
01220 Lack of eye tests provided to staff using visual display units TOC
01229 Inadequate air conditioning units on LT buses  Bus & Coach
01266 Concerns over security checks at Luton Airport Parkway TOC
01268 Broken closing boards at Green Park Underground Station London Underground
01314 Concern over track between Euston and Camden
London Underground
01289 Ineffective safety measures at St Pancras International BTP office British Transport Police
01315 Employees feeling fatigued due to an irregular booking on point TFL
01309 Concerns over new roster at Leeds Station and Manchester Piccadilly Supply Chain
01372 Discrepancy on location of detonators on board rolling stock TOC
01215 Fatigue monitoring issues for safety critical staff TOC
01044 Lack of diagrams for drivers TOC
01166 Malfunction with the National Electronic Sectional Appendix Infrastructure Manager
Lack of cycle signage on GWR electric express trains TOC
01238 Rostering issues and lack of staff at Old Oak Common Depot Rolling Stock
01111 Time-worn driver's seats in 156 units TOC
55564 Uneven platforms at Aylesbury railway station Infrastructure Manager


Key: TOC - Train Operating Company