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53766 Safety critical staff not being provided with phones

October 2015 in Network Rail and Suppliers

tagged Communication and teamwork Equipment Method of working South West North West West Midlands Wales

A reporter has raised concerns that Controllers of Site Safety (COSSs) supplied by Vital Human Resources in the Western region are not being provided with the communication equipment required to carry out their roles.

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51251 Inconsistencies carrying out signal box special instructions

January 2014 in Network Rail and Suppliers

tagged Communication and teamwork Method of working Level Crossings Signalling West Midlands

Following report 41076 Signal Box Special Instructions (SBSIs) were brought in at Gobowen level crossing due to the poor rail adhesion and falling gradient on the approach to the station. 

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21757 Non-reporting of near miss

January 2010 in Network Rail and Suppliers

tagged Rules and procedures Method of working Communication and teamwork West Midlands Central

A reporter is concerned that an incident that happened in August 2005 (week 31) may not have been reported to the HMRI, despite the fact it involved a near miss and potential loss of life.

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