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50307 ‘Decommissioned’ walking route in use at Neasden depot

January 2012 in London Underground

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A reporter is concerned about a walking route at Neasden depot still being used, despite the fact it has been decommissioned whilst building work is undertaken. Metropolitan and Jubilee Drivers have been using the route, which runs adjacent to road 52, until recently.

The walking route poses a slip, trip and fall hazard because of ongoing building work. Some staff only became aware the route should not be used after a lighting fault was reported. Before then, no information had been provided.

There is clearly some confusion amongst staff as to the status of the decommissioned walking route because there has been little communication about the issue.

 The reporter would like to know:

  • What is the current status of the decommissioned walking route at Neasden depot?
  • If any alternative walking route arrangements have been made?
  • If the arrangements change in future, can they be effectively communicated to staff? 

Response from London Underground

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. At the time this issue was reported, the walking route (from the top half of road 51 from the central walkway onwards towards the short sheds) was still decommissioned.   An alternative walkway was made available via road 54.

Health and Safety Representatives were consulted on these changes at the time they were introduced to ensure the building work within the depot could be carried out safely. The amendments to the walking routes were communicated in theTraffic Circular.  

However, subsequent to this CIRAS report being received, the original walking route was recommissioned on 23 September 2011. Again, the Health and Safety Representatives were consulted prior to this change. This was communicated via an entry inTraffic Circular 41(page 5) entitled'Restoration of original walking route (road 51) in Neasden depot[569]'.