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41168 Overgrown vegetation obstructing walking route

December 2010 in Network Rail and Suppliers

tagged Work environment North East

Areporter has raised concerns about overgrown vegetation near Maltby Colliery signal box. The vegetation is blocking the walking route, close to the arrival/departure line on the cess side creating a slip, trip or fall hazard for staff when checking the trains. The reporter comments that vegetation covers approximately a quarter of a mile stretch in the sidings and believes it has not been cut for six to seven years.

  • Could Network Rail ensure the vegetation is cleared to make the walking route accessible?

Response from Network Rail

Network Rail would like to thank the reporter for raising the vegetation issues at Maltby within the cess adjacent to the arrival/departure line. Recent vegetation clearance within the area of Maltby signal box has seen the clearance of the authorised walking route that the Signallers use to access the main road to the signal box.

However the area identified by the reporter, has a redundant siding within its construction and as such is not an official walking route or cess. Removal of the trees exposing this siding would only create further tripping hazards. However, safety is our priority so the team will manage the concerns by completing a two stage solution.

A short term solution will be the cutting back of trees in order that the redundant sidings and the many tripping hazards are not exposed, but to provide clearance that would aid the staff route along the side of the railway. The long term solution is to remove the redundant connections and install a cess and walking route. There is scope for this to occur within a proposed project in November 2011 to remove the redundant sidings. The project have been informed of the issue and have agreed to include this within the scheme.




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