Find out more about the reports we closed in October and November 2019. 

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Bus & coach

01949 Exposure to fumes onboard New Routemasters at Stamford Brook depot
01945 Mechanical issues on Alexander Dennis buses at West Ham depot
01988 Slow acceleration of MMC buses at West Ham garage
01831 Visibility issues for drivers during wet weather
02037 Time pressures affecting safety at Fullwell Bus Garage

Freight operating company

01997 Dazzling headlights on locomotive 66542

Infrastructure managers

01795 Operational safety of Elgin level crossing
01896 Vegetation in South Wales
01995 Platform fence at Matlock Bath Station
01965 Proposed roster at Northampton depot
02047 Unsafe practices occurring on site near Gunnersbury Station

Rolling stock

02073 Clarification on processes in place to identify faults

Supply chain

02024 Employee access to facilities
02013 Travel times for staff working in Peterborough
01958 Multiple safety concerns in Canal Parade Depot in Cardiff
02065 Employee fatigue at Great Western Electrification Programme
02016 Unsafe practices at Peterborough
02029 Employees exposed to raw sewage and chemicals at Three Bridges Depot

Train operating company

01806 Lone working at Cleethorpes Station
01992 Long train short platform policy
01784 Standard of training on 800/801 Azuma trains
01946 Unsafe practices at Penzance station
01860 Faulty equipment on board trains
01902 Lack of training for dispatching Azuma trains
01861 Poor visibility from inside Class 385 driving cabs
01769 Rostering and shift planning causing fatigue amongst staff
02053 Quality of employee high visibility personal protective equipment
01951 Security measures at Doncaster station carpark
01895 Station security in the West Midlands area
01870 Volume of Class 800 horns TOC 01926 St Albans City railway station
02050 Poor quality of GSM-R radio on board train

Tram/light rail

02025 Lack of safety tests on restored trams