Find out more about the reports we closed in February and March 2022.

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Key learning outcomes

Key learnings from some of the latest reports closed that may be applicable to your business include fatigue management not being a one-size-fits-all, the importance of frontline reporters identifying trespass hotspots, and the need for effective communication of changes to frontline staff.   

Read more of the latest key learning outcomes from CIRAS reports according to the companies who received them.


03213 Lack of mask wearing
03265 Pigeon droppings causing health hazard at Depot

Infrastructure managers

02968 Concern over the design of handrails at Newport station
03041 Trespass concerns at Network Rail’s Electrical Training School, Swindon
03073 Dispatching concerns at platform 1, Liverpool Street Station
03093 Concern about delays to design phases of Network Rail projects
03109 Safety concern regarding Adjacent Line Open (ALO) works
03140 Concern about system safety implications of the Track Worker Safety taskforce project

Supply chain – Operator Services

03275 Concern that Hidden rules are not being followed for train dispatchers

Train operating company

02981 Concern over the changes made to safety walks at Laira Depot
03029 Clarification over operational status of control room and telephones at Waterloo station
03148 Concern over the culture of security measures at Waterloo Station
03166 Concern over efficacy of internal channels for workplace harassment
03174 Clarification request of the process following drivers signing out on routes
03182 Concern over storage of passenger luggage
03222 Personal safety risk to untrained staff coupling and uncoupling coaches
03240 Concerns over evacuation and train movements at Hull Station
03260 Safe system of work practice for Covid-19 not being followed