See table below the reports that were closed between February and March 2019. The table includes the report number, brief description and sector.

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Report no. Title Sector(s)
55709 Clarification of the GZAC system for planned line blockages Infrastructure Managers
55708 Issues with the supervision of trainee signallers Infrastructure Managers
01405 Obstacle detection level crossing at Ferrybridge signal box Infrastructure Managers
01381 Concerns over vegetation growth across the network Infrastructure Managers
01369 Track workers exposed to human waste whilst working trackside Infrastructure Managers
01456 Concern over platform safety measures at Barons Court underground station     LUL
01457 Leaks in canopy of Sloane Square Underground Station LUL
01160 Obstructed emergency exit at Bow Road underground station LUL
01469 Ineffective safety mechanisms in spray booth gate Supply Chain
01455 Lack of personal protective equipment at Ilford Depot Supply Chain
01468 Sudden roster changes potentially causing fatigue Supply Chain
01572 Concern over fatigue monitoring Supply Chain
01472 Concern over Mobile Elevated Working Platforms training Supply Chain
01503 Clarification of PPE policy for Track Workers Supply Chain
01466 Lack of instructional method statement for moving MC3 machines Supply Chain
01546 Concern over permanent sign at Kent House station TOC
01505 Concern over briefing of new rulebook change TOC
01473 Concern over stepping distance at Marsden Station TOC
01499 Concerns over ticket barrier operation at Birmingham Moor Street station TOC
01408 Disorderly passengers boarding at Leicester station TOC
01486 Lack of clarity with procedure for reporting incidents TOC
01440 Mobile phones potentially causing distraction at Newcastle Station TOC
01122 Issues with stepping distance between Class 185 Pennine Unit and platform TOC
01533 Concern over competency of contracted employees TOC
01506 Concern over defect reporting software for maintenance depots TOC
01460 Ineffective piping system at Reading Train Care Depot TOC
01517 Passengers not adhering to bicycle procedures on one coach services TOC
01493 Quality issues due to low staffing levels TOC
01573 Unsafe practices occurring at Crown Point Depot TOC
01476 Concern over safety reporting within customer assistance teams Tram/Light Rail


Key: LUL - London Underground Ltd  TOC - Train Operating Company