Listen to every voice

CIRAS members are forward-thinking companies across the UK and ROI transport sector, committed to improving health, safety and wellbeing.

We listen to the health and safety concerns of people in transport. We protect their identity when we share their concerns with the right people to act.

When we listen, we learn. We help our members share good practice and promote an even stronger culture of listening. And our members learn from valuable safety information they might have otherwise missed.

Want your concerns to be heard? Contact CIRAS – we’re listening!

Why raise health and safety concerns?

Because when you come across something that looks or feels unsafe, you have a choice. Do something – or do nothing.  

It's for you to decide. But when you’re ready to be heard, we’re here to listen.  

You can make a difference. 

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Make the right call and report it
Our campaign encourages us all to think about how we listen. It shows that there are many options to be heard if you have a concern. Find content and resources on our campaign page.

CIRAS membership: finding safety in listening

CIRAS is the confidential safety hotline for the UK and ROI transport sector. 

But what does this mean for your organisation?

It means vital safety intelligence which helps reduce risk.

It means a stronger business, as costly incidents are prevented.

It means learning from reports and each other, to be a safer employer.

It means a more inclusive approach to listening to staff concerns. 

It means a healthier safety culture, and peace of mind. 

About CIRAS membership
Existing member or thinking of joining? 

Read our Frontline Matters newsletter

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Read our quarterly newsletter, Frontline Matters, to see CIRAS in action and pick up some tips on common health, safety and wellbeing issues.

Find out what gets reported to us, and how our members have responded. Share what you learn with your colleagues.    


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