Health and safety in the workplace is enhanced in organisations with an inclusive listening culture, where everyone’s voice can be heard.  

By offering confidential reporting, you’re showing yourself to be a better employer, supplier and customer, with an inclusive safety culture. 

We can help you uncover health and safety issues at your company's work sites that you wouldn’t hear about otherwise, whoever they are from. We help you to hear from anyone, not just your employees. 

Gaining this wider range of safety intelligence means you'll have a fuller understanding of what’s really going on in your workplace. You’ll have a better chance of managing risk and preventing incidents. 

We can help to give you peace of mind about the safety of people on or around your sites and facilities – whether that's workers, suppliers, customers or other visitors – as well as the safety of your operations and systems to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. 

We listen to the safety concerns of our members’ staff and pass these concerns to the relevant company without sharing any identifying details.   

This confidentiality means as a CIRAS member you’ll hear concerns that you wouldn’t have otherwise. And your employees can raise safety concerns about other companies too, making the industry safer together.