(1) Your Organisation (“You” and “Your”)
(2) CIRAS (“CIRAS”, or “us” or “our”)

  • These terms and conditions are otherwise known as the “Conditions” and sets out the terms for Your membership with CIRAS. They start as soon as You pay your first “Membership Levy”, They continue for the “Time Period” set out in the summary table.
  • These Conditions also incorporate the CIRAS Charter, which is annexed below as Annex A. The CIRAS Charter sets out the services provided by CIRAS to You as a “Member”, and the actions You can take to get the most out of Your membership.
  • The Conditions are legally binding and if You have any questions or comments, You can raise them with CIRAS or You can get independent legal advice.

 Explanatory Notes:

 Defined terms in these Conditions are capitalised and when first used are shown in “Bold”. The definitions are set out in the table starting on page 2.
 Specific phrases or terminology used in these Conditions are intended to have a precise meaning that we have set out below. These are identified by ‘italic underline’.