Do you have a health, safety or wellbeing concern about your workplace or another site you have visited?  You can contact us confidentially using the form on this page or our contact details below.  We will share your concern with the relevant company, protecting your identity, and let you know the response.

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Report helpline UK: 0800 4 101 101

Report helpline ROI: 1800 239 239 

Freepost: CIRAS (UK only)

The CIRAS reporting process

The CIRAS process. 1. Contact: you can use our hotline, online form or freepost. 2. Interview: we listen to the details of your concern and assess confidentiality. 3. Report: we send our report to the company with no identifying information. 4. Response: the company investigates and takes action.  We send you the company's response. 5.  Feedback: we ask you and the company for feedback.  Shared learning improves safety.

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