Every voice matters

CIRAS members are forward-thinking companies across the UK and ROI transport sector, committed to improving health, safety and wellbeing.

By listening to workers who speak up when their identity is protected, CIRAS enables companies to act on information that might otherwise stay hidden.

The CIRAS member community shares good practice and learning – working together to build a culture of speaking up and listening – so that everyone gets home safe and well. 

Want to speak up in confidence? Contact CIRAS – we're listening!

Why speak up about health and safety at work?

Because when you come across something that looks or feels unsafe, you have a choice.  Do something – or do nothing. 

It's up to you to decide.  But speaking up doesn't have to be daunting – you can talk to us in complete confidence today. 

You can be the one that makes a difference.

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CIRAS membership: unlocking a speak-up culture

CIRAS provides confidential health and safety reporting for the UK and ROI transport sector. 

But what does this really mean for your organisation?

It means vital safety intelligence which helps reduce risk.

It means a stronger business, as costly incidents are prevented.

It means learning from reports and each other, to be a safer employer.

It means a healthier safety culture, and peace of mind. 

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About CIRAS membership
Existing member or thinking of joining? 

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Read our quarterly newsletter, Frontline Matters, to see CIRAS in action and pick up some tips on common health, safety and wellbeing issues.

Find out about what gets reported to us, and how our members have responded. Share what you learn with your colleagues.    


Frontline Matters issue 18
Issue 18
14 June 22