Concern that a dark railway station platform could lead to slips, trips and falls.

 Carmarthen station platform

© TfWR

Reporter's concern

The reporter to CIRAS said that:

  • The lights on four lampposts were not working along a substantial length of platform 1 at Carmarthen railway station (pictured), and this was causing poor visibility.
  • Apart from during daylight, the platform was dark – except for green or red lighting from the starting signal, or lights from the inside of a train stopped at the station, which were inadequate.
  • This posed a risk of slips, trips and falls to passengers and staff, especially as disused stabling next to the platform wouldn’t be visible.

They wanted Transport for Wales Rail (TfWR) to investigate and to repair the lights.

TfWR's response

Transport for Wales Rail said that:

  • Its facilities contractors investigated the issues when originally reported and found a cable fault.
  • They passed this finding to Network Rail to fix it.
  • On receiving the CIRAS report, TfWR followed it up with Network Rail to speed up the repair.

Network Rail engineers carried out the repair and the lights are now in full working order.

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