Be extra careful in winter weather to protect yourself and other road users – on site or on the highways.

Take note of these simple tips for winter driving.  There's plenty to look out for with moving vehicles.

Graphic of smiling man driving a yellow van

  • Plan your route and check traffic information before setting off.
  • Share the driving to reduce fatigue on long journeys.
  • In rain, strong winds and ice, leave extra space between your vehicle and others.
  • Make time for regular breaks.
  • Watch out for low winter sun: remember your sunglasses.
  • Check your tyre pressure, tread depth, wipers, fluids and lights.
  • Give yourself five minutes to clear your windows in icy weather.

Speed contributes to one in five fatal crashes in the UK.  1mph can mean life or death.

Case study


A reporter to CIRAS believed that rosters were not taking into account the amount of time that maintenance staff were taking to drive between sites.  They were concerned that this could lead to increased fatigue and also potentially a road traffic accident.


The company began monitoring times using a combination of trackers on vans and a time sheet system so that managers could intervene if the combined total of travel and work time came to more than 14 hours.

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