Event plans reintroduced for busy days at West Ham station.


Reporter's concern

  • The number of passengers at West Ham station on event days since late August 2021 (report received in October) leads to crowding on platforms 7 and 8 and crushing on staircases.
  • c2c was not adequately preparing staff, who used to receive event plans.
  • If not planned adequately, event days could mean passenger injuries or overwhelmed staff.
  • The number of staff on event days was low. Having extra staff would support the staff rostered.

They wanted c2c to reintroduce event plans and review past event days to identify learning.

c2c's response

  • Event plans for West Ham station were reintroduced after Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed. The first one reintroduced for c2c at West Ham station covered the West Ham United football match on 21 October.
  • These event plans cover train service provision, platform staffing and management structure for the event, crowd control measures, contingency arrangements and contact numbers.
  • A generic plan exists for football matches at the London Stadium and is adapted to circumstances such as expected attendance and timings. There are bespoke plans for other events at the stadium (such as concerts) or at Westfield Shopping Centre.
  • The plans are developed with partners such as the British Transport Police, Network Rail, London Underground and Docklands Light Railway. Where arrangements don’t go to plan, there’s a review with these organisations, and learning points identified for future planning.

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