Find out more about the reports we closed in August and September 2018. 

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Freight operating company

55691 Unsafe walking and working practices at Purfleet Long Siding

Infrastructure managers

01161 Track maintenance staff accessing signal boxes leading to distraction 
55768 Issues with the Network Rail Health and Wellbeing policy
55775 Temperature issues at the Network Rail National Records Centre in York

London Underground

55713 Staffing level issues at Whitechapel and Aldgate East Underground Stations
01108 Communication issue between line controllers and signallers 
01160 Obstructed emergency exit at Bow Road underground station

Supply chain

01158 Inadequately certified cleaning operatives working on track
01173 Seagull infestation at Kirkdale Depot
01157 Inexperienced safety critical staff working on SDA project
01034 Unclear shunting procedure in the South West
55653 Concerns with additional duties carried out by Cleaning Operatives in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Supply chain/construction

01168 Clarification of necessary accreditation for subcontractors working for LUL

Train operating company

55335 Delay on the in-cab train monitor 
55650 Inexperienced driving instructors at Manchester Victoria station 
55794 Staff at risk of assault due to revenue procedure 
01188 High cab temperatures in Class 14x and 15x trains 
01126 Reduction in driver training 
01097 Faulty gates at Finsbury Park railway station 
55813 Employee wellbeing at York Rail Operating Centre