Find out more about the reports we closed in August and September 2019. 

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Bus & coach

01800 Absence of driver’s seatbelt
01821 Number of pushchairs allowed on board buses
01942 Faulty brakes on New Routemasters
01818 Software issue onboard bus
01956 Faulty heating in drivers cab on board VH buses

Freight operating company

01960 Absence of eye wash at Westbury Depot
01950 Welfare facilities at Westbury Depot

Infrastructure managers

01756 Incorrect Safe Work Packs
01614 Broken Lighting at Aylesbury South Sidings
01879 Network Rail Close Call reporting system
01853 Effectiveness and consistency of the Close Call system
01651 Faulty stop button at Grays CCTV Crossing
01751 Hypodermic needle presence in Weymouth area
01680 Incorrect safety information in trainer exams
01691 Platform changes resulting in crowding at Finsbury Park Station
01411 Clarification of Level C distribution access & egress competence
01792 Operational safety of Level Crossing near Crewe Station
01872 School pupils trespassing near Dorking railway station
01932 Incorrect warnings for speed restriction after Swindon Station
01978 Issues with platform announcements at London Euston Station

London Underground

01921 Excessive heat at Green Park station
01892 Rostering of night-tube stations
01890 Effectiveness of the Maximo reporting system
01893 Places of safety being obstructed by lineside stock and switches
01846 Lone working at London Bridge Station
01928 Plans to remove CSDE equipment on the Metropolitan Line

Rolling stock

01987 Unsafe practices at Willesden Junction depot

Supply chain

01780 Shift monitoring for primary sponsored employees
01867 Unsafe practices on projects carried out by the Integrated Track Team
01871 Lack of safety briefings and personal protective equipment for trackworkers
01787 Lone working at ticket Barriers at Romford Station
01948 Non-operational lifts at Gidea Park Station
01817 Fatigue concerns for employees working on the four lines modernisation project
01884 Lack of PPE and uniform for Cleaning Operatives at York, Doncaster and Darlington Stations

Train operating company

01772 Lack of training for emergency evacuations
01812 Changes to staffing procedures on Great Northern line
01805 DOO dispatching procedure at Farnham Station
01758 Training for industrial action days
01708 Insufficient rest breaks potentially leading to fatigue
01691 Platform changes resulting in crowding at Finsbury Park Station
01809 Vermin presence at Laira depot in Plymouth
01858 Clarification over roster changes potentially impacting on fatigue
01814 Access to Emergency Egress Devices (EED)
01842 Concern over class 331 units
01914 Condition of electrical switch room at Reading Train Care depot
01975 Crowd control measures at London Euston Station
01815 Door faults on Class 800/0 and 800/3 units
01763 Gate-line plan at London Bridge
01920 Guard competency for electrified routes
01916 Safety of attaching and detaching procedures at London Victoria
01826 Issues with design of Class 385 driver windows
01933 Lack of welfare facilities onboard Fenchurch Street station to Shoeburyness station services
01836 Manual announcements potentially leading to distraction for train drivers
01974 Risk of employee fatigue following May timetable changes