Find out more about the reports we closed in December 2018 and January 2019. 

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British Transport Police

01377 Deteriorating conditions of Leicester BTP office

Bus & coach

01225 Mechanical issues with fleet at Epsom Bus Garage
01256 Excessive heat in driver's cab
01275 Slow acceleration on new fleet of buses at West Ham garage
01537 Inadequate kitchen facilities at Leyton Bus Depot

Infrastructure managers

01414 Dirt and dust build up in Ballast between Drayton Park and Moorgate
55707 Guidance issues with the Delivery of Junction Possessions (Scotland Route)
01170 Measures in place to reduce fatigue
01235 Inadequate temporary signage displayed along Wessex route
01260 Concerns raised regarding track refurbishment training
01296 Concern over contractors working at height

London Underground

55743 Defected announcement system at Tottenham Court Road Station
01446 Crowding concerns at Bank station

Supply chain

01196 Clarification on the Safe Work Leader scheme
01409 Concerns over exposure to fumes at Crewe and Cambridge depots

Train operating company

01187 New timetabling changes leading to staff abuse at Dartford station 
01205 Insufficient route knowledge training on the London - East Croydon route 
01206 Communication issues on board of double set Voyager trains 
01208 Driver managers exceeding working hours due to staff shortages 
01288 Concern over competency of conductors 
01291 Multiple concerns at Shields Depot in Glasgow 
01398 Concern over changes to conductor training at Glasgow Central 
01399 Lack of lighting at Darlington Station 
01418 Crowding on morning commuter services between Nuneaton and Coventry 
01428 Broken lighting above platforms 3 & 5 at York station 
55697 Dispatching concerns at York and Newcastle railway stations 
55783 Pest issue at Ayr Railway Station
01076 Windscreen visibility issues on Great Northern trains 
01209 Limited route training for new drivers 
01393 Concern over driver's diagrams affecting North Clyde routes 
01396 Concern over changes to conductor training at Glasgow Central 
01436 Rough ride on the London - Glasgow route 

Transport for London

01249 Dial-A-Ride drivers exceeding the driving restriction

Tram/light rail

01384 Concern over defective cab secure radio system