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Bus & coach

02119 Lack of safety barrier for passengers at Matford Bus Station
02148 Uncomfortable Drivers seats on ADH buses at Stamford Brook Garage
02085 Concern over fault retarder brakes on Enviro 200 and New Routemaster buses
02112 Equipment concerns at Stagecoach South West depot in Matford
02115 Concern over employee safety at Stagecoach Bus Station in Matford
02211 CCTV concerns onboard buses
02169 Concern over faults on board Class 92 locomotives

Freight operating company

02087 Concern over planned works at Westbury sidings

Infrastructure managers

02026 Concern over traffic collision due to overgrown vegetation near to Alnmouth Station
02083 Concern over placement of warnings for speed restrictions in North West and Central region
02051 Concern over employees not working to 019 standard at Port Talbot Depot
02143 Concern over late safety notices at Carmarthen Depot

London Underground

02162 Concern over procedures not being followed in London Underground control rooms
02132 Concern over passenger door obstruction across the London Underground Network
02138 Concern over unsafe practices whilst undertaking track renewal works
02107 Concern over proposed gate line plan at Tottenham Hale station
02079 Concern over employee fatigue within Babcock Rail Track Renewals Division Network Rail Principle Contractor
02188 Concern over RSSB rule for trains operating with faulty GSMR radios


02274 Rule book clarification for mobile ground staff carrying out shunting movements
02140 Concern over on-board catering crew safety for Northern Belle services

Supply chain

02172 Concern over safety of emergency lighting cables
02139 Concern over safety of moving rolling stock with potential wheel defects

Train operating company

02180 Loud volume of the AWS bell on Class 195/331 units
02193 Concern over roster planning during engineering works
02152 Late platform announcements for fast services at Twyford Station
02159 Loud volume of the AWS bell on Class 195/331 units
02281 Concern over measures for controlling Covid-19
02153 Concern over security measures for lone working at Cleethorpes station
02226 Concern over staffing levels at Canton depot, Cardiff
02223 Concern over employee workload potentially contributing to fatigue