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02428 Concern over handwashing facilities at Paignton Bus Station during Covid-19 pandemic

Fright operating company

02292 Concern over lack of remote working during Covid-19
02216 Concern over deteriorating ceiling of employee mess room at Mill Road depot, Rugby
02342 Concern over mobile ground staff carrying out shunting roles

Infrastructure managers

02352 Concern over cleaning regime at signalling centres in Wessex region
02328 Lack of measures implemented to tackle spread of Covid-19 in Southern region
02261 Concern over conditions of Bakerloo North group stations
02196 Concern over safety critical communication
02207 Faulty signal at Newark Castle level crossing
02305 Concern over social distancing measures not being adhered to on Infrastructure Project sites in Wales
02219 Concern over platform 6 at Huddersfield station
01247 Staff exposed to dust and diesel fumes before and after maintenance shifts
02358 Concern over what is being considered essential works
02284 Concern over manual signal boxes not carrying our all duties
02218 Concern over staff safety at Undercroft car park, Manchester Piccadilly

London Underground

01234 Concern over unsafe passenger behaviour on platforms
02289 Concern over CCTV system for Upton Park Underground Station
02260 Concern over the quality of training for new drivers on the Central Line
02243 Concern over dispatching Central Line services
02329 Concern over staffing levels on Central Line east stations
02299 Clarification over works being carried out on London Underground stations

Supply chain

02339 Concern over the delivery on non-essential works at Feltham Resignalling Project during Covid-19
02340 Concern over staff health and wellbeing due to inability to social distance
02242 Concern over lone working and PPE at London stations

Train operating company

02286 Advice for social distancing for passengers and employees (Covid-19 pandemic)
02141 Concern over Class 755 units not being relied upon to operate track circuits
02208 Concern over hazardous working environment at Beeston station
02209 Concern over hazardous working environment at Eastfield Depot
02326 Concern over cleaning products and equipment at Bournemouth Train Care Depot
02270 Potential risk to public safety due to Video Help Point
02321 Concern over lack of PPE and ticket barrier operations during Covid-19 pandemic
02206 Concern over exposure to dust in ticket office at Paddington station
02056 Clarification over Great Western Railways new dispatching policy
02320 Lack of antibacterial measures in place for drivers and conductors at Scarborough Depot
02346 Concern over gateline staff carrying out normal operations during Covid-19
02351 Concern over self-dispatching procedures at Gloucester and Cheltenham stations
02179 Concern over current and future plans for luggage storage on Class 800 services
02345 Concern over taxi policy during Covid-19 pandemic
02406 Concern over diagrams and social distance measures for employees during Covid-19 pandemic
02367 Concern over inadequate measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19
02348 Concern over lack of social distancing for gateline staff during Covid-19
02402 Concern over the PPE provided for frontline staff
02359 Concern over revenue staff operating at Govia Thameslink Railway stations during Covid-19 pandemic
02167 Concern over interim measures for storing luggage on Class 800 services
02183 Concern over passenger luggage areas on board Class 800 trains
02267 Concern over working conditions at Lairia Maintenance Depot
02170 Emergency window faults on vehicle 15303