Find out more about the reports we closed in July and August 2020.

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Infrastructure managers

02161 Concern over Lichfield Trent Valley access point

Supply chain

54677 ‘Inadequate’ safe system of work packs
02185 Concern over lack of adequate briefings for work carried out on emergency lights
02418 Concern over unsafe practices at Werrington Grade Separation project
01947 Inadequately placed cabinet at Gidea Park station

Train operating company

02408 Clarification sought over social distancing measures during Covid-19 pandemic
02384 Concern over rostering practices leading to fatigue during Covid-19 pandemic
02412 Concern over social distancing measures at Airdrie Depot during Covid-19 pandemic
02318 Concern over use of single taxi during Covid-19 pandemic
02383 Clarification on fatigue measures at TransPennine Express
02354 Concern about usability of catering trolleys on Class 800 IET trains
02251 Concern over driver distraction leading to doors opening on the non-platform side
02246 Concern over staff health and wellbeing at Cambridge depot
02247 Late notices not being posted at York
02492 Concern about social distancing in staff rest room at Birmingham New Street station
02398 Concern over the effectiveness of measures in place to protect employees during the Covid-19 pandemic
02441 Concern over Covid-19 measures not being implemented effectively at Ilford Depot