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02719 Concern about visibility issues regarding nearside and offside mirrors of buses
02722  Hazardous drainage grates and concrete at Ashford depot, Kent
02734 Electrical and asbestos hazards at Ashford depot, Kent

Freight operator

02762 Staff exposed to fumes due to diesel locomotives being stabled at Perth Carriage Sidings

Infrastructure managers

02770 Concern about the usage of Covid-19 policies at Darlington depot 02462 Concern over staff safety at Doncaster station car park 02781 Clarification request for rules and procedure when working at height 02681 Concern that the red crossing lights at level crossing could pose a risk to maritime safety

Rolling stock

02688 Concern over workload and culture at Seven Kings Shed

Supply chain

02787 Concerns over competency, risk management and training on the Earlsfield Project

Train operating company

02754 Concern about Great Western Railway’s mess room and toilet facilities at Paddington station 02792 Concern about the adequacy of the Passenger Information Service (PIS) on Class 168, 165 and 170 trains 02652 Concern over exposure to paint fumes at Wimbledon depot 02743 Concern over inadequate cleaning following a positive Covid-19 case 02664 Concern over lack of safe system of working procedure at Peterborough Nene Carriage Sidings 02746 Concern over measures to mitigate Covid-19 risks at Western House 02733 Concern over planning processes for the introduction of MK4 Locomotive and Coaching Stock 02747 Concern over road risk due to shift design 02757 Concern over social distancing measures in the waiting rooms of Exeter St Davids 02656 Concern over the unsafe practice of removing board whilst triage tasks are being carried out

Tram and light rail

02663 Concern over trespass and anti-social behaviour across Docklands Light Railway network

Urban metro

02785 Clarification over T002/3 procedures