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Infrastructure managers

02271 Communication issues when arranging T3 possessions
02573 Concern regarding inadequate trespass prevention measures at Whittingehame Drive, Glasgow
02604 Concern about the removal of letter prefixes from references to points on the Anglia Route in the Weekly Operating Notice
02586 Concern over the priority given to repair a faulty signal at Claberston Road, Wales
02542 Concern regarding vegetation at Lichfield Trent Valley down sidings

London Underground

02621 Concern regarding mitigations to prevent spread of Covid-19 at Stratford Market Depot
02662 Concern over inadequate Covid-19 procedures at Golders Green Depot

Supply chain

02555 Concern over the assessment and monitoring of trackworker competency
02666 Concern over returning to office policy
02639 Concern over inadequate fatigue planning for night shifts

Train operating company

02583 Concern over staff safety at stations between Woodhall and Gourock/Wemyss Bay
02654 Concern over staffing levels at Bournemouth Train Care Depot
02641 Multiple safety concerns about safe walking routes at Bournemouth Train Care Depot
02605 Concern over protocols for mitigating the transmission of Covid-19 at Glasgow Central station
02619 Concern over the continuity of on-board duties during Covid-19 pandemic
02590 Lack of information and safety measures on Driver Only services
02547 Safety concern about the suitability of derailers for High-Speed Trains (HSTs)

Urban rail

02565 Concern regarding the fitness of station staff to perform safety critical duties