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Infrastructure managers

02995 Concern over ventilation and filtration control measures at Palestra House 03045 Lack of lighting at Platform 1, Carmarthen Railway Station 03016 Concern over the position of Repeating Warning Boards for temporary and emergency speed restrictions 02908 Concern over working culture of the European Train Control System project 02979 Fatigue risk at South Sub Rail Operating Centre 03031 Concern over postponing of safety project 03026 Road risk at East Didsbury Station 03064 Staff creating fault numbers and using incident response packs instead of safe work packs 

Train operating company

03021 Concern about assault threat to staff at Birmingham New Street Station 03082 Lack of air-conditioning at Cannon House office 03048 Safety culture concerns 02987 Increased mitigations sought to reduce level crossing safety risk 03096 Consideration to continue the encouragement of facemasks/coverings on services 03007 Hot and uncomfortable temperatures when cleaning trains 02859 Unsafe practices at Selhurst Inspection Shed 03030 Fatigue risk for controllers working as spare

Tram and light rail

02851 Faulty seats causing driver distraction 03058 Multiple health and wellbeing concerns for operational staff