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02482 Concern over conditions of welfare facilities at Kilmarnock depot
02495 Concern over rainwater leaking in driver’s cab of Scania buses

Freight operating company

02518 Concern over unsafe access point at Haringey Green Lanes

Infrastructure managers

02502 Concern over lack of Covid-19 safety measures at Shenfield P-Way
02433 Concern over trespassers accessing the trackside abutment of bridge YKR/001B
02419 Concern over inadequate planning for planned engineering works in east coast region
02483 Concern over operation of level crossing at Nantwich Station
02421 Concern over workload and method of working at new Cambridge sidings
02552 Concern regarding inconsistency in Covid-19 precautions between staff
02597 Concern that Covid-19 mitigations are not being followed in the east Central Line area

Train operating company

02451 Concern over rostering at York Depot
02540 Concern regarding temperature and ventilation on Southeastern trains
02515 Concern over amended diagrams and rosters impacting on driver fatigue
02424 Concern over late notices not being displayed in display case at Norwood Junction depot
02154 Concerns over the ventilation and GSMR system on board Class 170 units


02559 Concern regarding staffing levels and social distancing on Blackpool Trams