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Communicating to frontline staff

For ongoing issues which a company is aware of, communicating plans/actions for the future are important to ensure frontline staff are aware hazards are being addressed. (03265)
Communication is key as management systems may be in place, however it is necessary that these systems are understood for them to be effective. (03109


When transitioning from an old fleet of rolling stock to a new one, it is important to keep frontline staff updated on the progress of this. (03205)

Working culture

Complacency can become prevalent within the workplace, which in turn impacts the culture. Therefore, reinforcement is needed to keep important messages current. (03148)
When an organisation is presented with an issue, a specific working group made up of various parts of the company (such as Safety, Operations and Customer Experience) can prove to be effective. It is necessary that the working group works towards a defined goal. (03182)

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