Find out more about the reports we closed in December 2021 and January 2022.

View our recent closed reports below by sector, including a brief description.  You can search for the full individual reports on our reports page

Key learning outcomes

Key learnings from some of the latest reports closed that may be applicable to your business include fatigue management not being a one-size-fits-all, the importance of frontline reporters identifying trespass hotspots, and the need for effective communication of changes to frontline staff.   

Read more of the latest key learning outcomes from CIRAS reports according to the companies who received them.


03122 Clarification of defect reporting procedure
03125 Concern over security of start/stop engine button on buses
03139 Concern over conditions of welfare facilities at Chichester bus station
03201 Inadequate welfare facilities at Leyton bus depot

Heritage rail

03195 Multiple safety concerns at East Lancashire Railway

Infrastructure managers

03032 Lack of anti-trespass mitigations at Lelant station
03051 Multiple health and safety concerns at a delivery maintenance unit
03059 Trespass concern at Leeds railway station

Supply chain – infrastructure

03067 Concerns over safety of p-way division
03145 Post-incident processes not being followed
03160 Concern over fatigue management of shifts given to welders
03162 Fatigue management concerns
03163 Concerns about site access safety
03164 Various concerns about Victoria Phase 3 Project
03176 Concern over changes made to training for works on lampposts
03183 Lack of hygiene facilities for plant-based workers

Train operating company

03028 Concern over procedures following the identification of broken train windows
03074 Concern over dispatching nine-car services from platform 16, Liverpool Street station
03090 Concern over crowding of trains and poor maintenance of on-board toilets
03113 Concern about unreliability of lift at Barking station
03121 Crowd control at West Ham station
03152 Concern over personal safety of platform staff at Huddersfield station
03225 Concern over lack of change in procedure for staff working on standby

Urban metro

03118 Unpractical place of safety at Waterloo station
03124 Safety concerns about Southbank and Jubilee gatelines and Waterloo underground station
03143 Concern over staffing levels at Palestra Control Centre
03147 Concern about safety of Southbank gateline at Waterloo underground station