When: 21 July 2021

Where: Webinar

Topic: Building a speak up culture

If everyone in your organisation feels comfortable speaking up about health and safety concerns, confident in the knowledge they will be heard, you will get a better picture of what’s really going on.  And others, seeing them raising their concerns successfully, will be encouraged to come forward – a kind of virtuous, inclusive cycle. 

Conversely, it can be very frustrating when staff don’t come forward, in spite of all your efforts to encourage them.  You can miss out on hearing critical voices and capturing important intelligence.  Join the CIRAS team and your fellow members for the next in our series of learning webinars, to explore the challenges and benefits of creating a psychologically safe and inclusive reporting culture where people can speak up.

We will be joined by Loraine Martins from Network Rail, and Chris Paddock from Ganymede Solutions who will both give their own perspectives and share what they are doing in this area.  As always, we invite you (and your colleagues) to come along willing to share your own experiences, and hopefully to take away some ideas for how you can build an open safety culture that will make sure you are always in the know.