Date: 26 January 2021
Topic: Tackling road risk

Whether we are driving for work or as part of our regular commute, going to the shops, picking the kids up from school, using public transport, riding a bike or walking, we will encounter some form of road risk on an almost daily basis.

The risk increases for people who drive for work, and it is estimated that a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone at work.  Once seen as a side issue, many of our members now see managing road risk as a core part of their health and safety strategy.  Over the last year, there have been fresh challenges, as restrictions on numbers in vehicles has meant more vehicles on the road and more people travelling alone.

So how do you address road risk in your business?

The CIRAS team hosted a learning webinar to explore how members are supporting their staff to manage road risk.

We were joined by Simon Turner, from Driving for Better Business, who talked about the work the organisation is doing to support businesses in improving how they manage road risk.  We also heard from one of our members, Mark Barrett from Redstone Rail.