Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey recently – we received over 800 responses from frontline staff and managers!

Your efforts to engage will help us find better ways of promoting CIRAS.

We were pleased to see that 86 per cent of respondents had heard of CIRAS, but there is still room to improve.

The thought that within our member organisations there may still be difficult-to-reach ‘dark pockets’ is concerning.

Whilst it might seem very positive that 82 per cent had seen active promotion of CIRAS, 18 per cent hadn’t and is something that needs addressing.

If you think that your organisation could be doing more to promote CIRAS, please drop us a line, as we can help them do exactly that.

The most common ways of hearing about CIRAS were from meetings or briefings, posters or the newsletter.We can always supply more posters or newsletters if you are not seeing them where you are based.

When it came to trust, 89 per cent of you trusted that CIRAS was confidential.

Rest assured, even though we have never had any confidential breaches in over two decades of operation, we will never become complacent.

Another finding from the survey was that, whilst there was a good understanding of the sorts of health and safety issues that could be reported to us, some people did not realise that we are not set up to deal with real-time issues or personal grievances - reports of this nature are re-directed.

Real-time concerns need to be dealt with by those in a position to take immediate action.

Personal grievances tend to identify particular individuals and these, too, would have to be re-directed.

Your responses to the survey also suggest that we are doing well when it comes to generating awareness of what we do.

In particular, it was good to see that 80 per cent understood that CIRAS could be used for issues that were about another company, and not just your own employer.