We’re busy analysing the reports we received during the last year to look for patterns and trends. We will soon publish our end of year reporting statistics so watch out for those on our website. Meanwhile here are a few headlines:

  • We processed 223 confidential reports in 2018/9, compared to 151 in 2017/8. There has been a significant increase in reports relating to the supply chain. We’ve worked with our supply chain members to improve awareness amongst their staff and we welcome this evidence that their efforts are bearing fruit. 
  • Did you know: Your stakeholder manager can come and speak to your frontline staff about the importance of reporting health, safety and wellbeing concerns and the role of confidential reporting?
  • We redirected 233 reports, mostly because they related to issues outside our scope.
  • Did you knowWe can’t process:  personal grievances and personnel issues; ‘real time’ issues where accidents are imminent; individual drug and alcohol issues; and any concern where we cannot protect the reporter’s identity. We redirect callers to other services best placed to resolve the issue raised, for example ACAS or Sentinel. Please let us know if there are any specific services relevant to your staff that we should be aware of.
  • The top themes remain consistent with previous years. Rules and procedures, equipment, health & wellbeing, fatigue and unsafe practices consistently top the tableAlthough not in the top five, we have received a lot more reports about training, briefing and competence this year.
  • Did you know: Your people can report any issue which has potential to impact on their health, wellbeing and safety or that of their colleaguespassengers or the public. We can provide posters reminding staff what they can report on so do get in touch if you need some new copies.