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Everyone’s voice matters – make speaking up easy

CIRAS exists to help our members improve the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, their customers and the public. We offer a confidential reporting service, exclusive reporting data and a community of shared learning and good practice so our members can learn from the reports we receive, and from each other. 

If everyone spoke up when they saw a health or safety concern, the transport industry would be a safer place for us all. But what if someone doesn’t speak up? Whatever the reason, intelligence that could prevent an incident gets lost when people stay silent about their concerns. 

As a CIRAS member, our confidential reporting service offers you a way of ensuring that your people can always come forward and be heard.
We pass the safety intelligence to you – first removing anything that could identify the reporter – so that you can use it to act and reduce risk.

Why become a CIRAS member?

As well as becoming part of a 2,000-strong community working together to make the industry safer, you can:

 reduce risk – if you know everything that’s going on, you can fix things before they become incidents
 enhance your safety culture – if you make it easy for people to speak up, they will feel safer and you will learn more                               strengthen your business – if you find out about risks early, you can avoid the costs associated with incidents
 enjoy peace of mind – if you have a safety net in place, you’ll know there’s less chance of something being missed. 






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