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CIRAS Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (ToR) Issue 3.0

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1. Purpose and scope

1.1   To act as an advisory body to the CIRAS Board in matters of scheme operation and be representative of the senior management within the principal stakeholder groups including the membership.

1.2   Scheme Operation is determined to be:

  • Service provision (services and benefits offered, escalation of outstanding responses,escalation of late payments, performance review)
  • Marketing and external engagement (scheme promotion, shared learning)

1.3   The business objectives for Scheme Operation and key performance indicators (KPI) will be set out in the CIRAS External Business Plan which is published online.


2. Appointment

2.1   The Chair of the CIRAS Board will act as the Chair of the Committee. The Chair of the CIRAS Board is independent from the scheme subscribers and appointed by the RSSB Board.

2.2   Appointment of all Committee members will be undertaken by the Committee Chair.

2.3   Notice of resignation of Committee members will be issued in writing to the Committee Chair.

2.4   Nomination of Committee members can be made in writing to the Chair of the Committee by the Committee, the CIRAS Board and the Head of CIRAS.

2.5   Nominations and resignations will be decided upon by the Chair of the Committee. The Committee will be consulted at the next available Committee meeting.

2.6   Membership of the Committee will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis to ensure that the Committee remains effective.

2.7   Members of the Committee who are not in attendance at two consecutive Committee meetings will be referred to the Chair of the Committee to determine continued ability to fulfil the role.


3. Advisory Committee composition and RACI

3.1   CIRAS Board

The Chair of the CIRAS Board, who is independent of the scheme and selected by the RSSB Board, will act as the Chair of the CIRAS Advisory Committee and is:

  • Accountable for CIRAS Board oversight of the scheme and chairing the Committee meetings.

3.2   Head of CIRAS

The Head of CIRAS, who is selected and appointed by the CIRAS Board Chair, is responsible for Scheme Operation and is:

  • Accountable for administration of the meeting and reporting on Scheme Operation

3.3   Member representatives

Senior HSQEA[1] Management from within the scheme membership, appointed by the CIRAS Board Chair, provide industry and sector level representation, are:

  • Responsible for advocating the Scheme and acting as a point of escalation where Members are not effectively discharging their roles and responsibilities under the Members Charter.
  • Consulted on matters of scheme operation

3.3.1   Industry level representation of up to six, and not less than three, selected from:

  • Mass Transport providers e.g. Transport for London, Transport for Scotland etc
  • Transport Operators (Passenger and non-passenger) e.g. Train Operating Companies, Bus Operators, Light Rail and Freight Operators
  • Infrastructure owner and maintainers (e.g. Network Rail, HS1 and HS2)
  • Supply chain e.g. Infrastructure contractors, Professional services
  • Industry employee representatives e.g. Trade Unions

3.3.2   Representation of the membership by sector of up to four, and not less than two, selected from:

  • Heavy Rail e.g. TOC
  • Light Rail e.g. Trams
  • Metro e.g. London Underground
  • Road e.g. Buses
  • Freight e.g. Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
  • Security e.g. Police
  • Construction e.g. Infrastructure contractor

3.3.3   A Committee member may represent both Industry and Sector.

3.4   Independent industry representatives

Senior professionals with relevant industry experience, who are not currently employed in one of the member organisations, will be:

      • Consulted on matters of scheme operation

[1] Health, Safety, Quality, Environment, Assurance


4. Administration 


  • Meet at least quarterly, unless otherwise agreed. All dates to be communicated at the start of financial year.


  • Chair of the Committee, Head of CIRAS,1 x Network Rail, 1 x TfL ,1 x TOC representative, 1 x Bus representative, 1 x Supply chain representative and 1 x Independent.


  • Matters of attendance or discharge of duties will be escalated to the Chair of the Committee in writing.

Papers and presentation

  • As required, submitted to the meeting support seven working days prior to the meeting date.

Minutes and actions

  • Outstanding actions will be reviewed at each meeting. Minutes of each meeting with actions arising will be distributed within five working days of the meeting taking place.