Our mission

Speaking up for individuals

Our mission has been the same since 1996 – to listen to your health, wellbeing and safety concerns when you feel you can’t use internal reporting channels, or you have tried without success. We raise your concern with the relevant company for resolution while protecting your identity, so that the response is focused on your concern and not on who you are. We keep you in the loop so you know what action has been taken because you have spoken up. 

Have a concern? Make a report 

Enabling business improvement

Keeping your workforce, customers and the public safe and healthy is key to good business performance. As a member of the CIRAS community, you demonstrate your commitment to listening to all employees – however they prefer to speak up – and to improving safety and reducing risk in your business. You build psychological safety, helping to grow a culture of inclusion where all voices are valued.

Confidential reporting can help you to overcome employee perceptions of the consequences of reporting concerns, or lost confidence in internal systems, so you can tap into opportunities for improvement that are noticed by your people but would otherwise remain hidden.

Frequently asked questions 

Our story

From small beginnings as a charity working with a train operator to bring the safety concerns of frontline staff to light, CIRAS has partnered with the mainline railway in Great Britain through two decades of significant improvement in safety performance.  Our confidential reporting service cuts across organisational boundaries and continues to be an integral part of system safety management. 

25 years on: the birth of a nationwide CIRAS

Our service is now widely used across transport and infrastructure.  We welcome members from sectors spanning construction, transport operators including bus, light rail, tram, urban metros and mainline rail, the transport supply chain, highways and ports.

We take calls on a wide range of concerns affecting the health, wellbeing and safety of staff, passengers or the public. From non-compliance with rules and equipment issues through to fatigue, security and working conditions – these are all early indicators of potential harm.  The concerns raised through our hotline often have common themes, and we are uniquely placed to share learning and good practice across the CIRAS community. 

CIRAS exists for its members and is funded by them.  We listen to our changing member needs through an advisory committee formed of member representatives, unions and independent experts. 

As a not-for-profit subsidiary of the RSSB Group, we have access to a range of expertise and data to support our work while retaining financial and operational independence.  We are driven by the same values of being trusted, customer-focused, knowledgeable, and innovative. 

If you are a forward-thinking organisation keen to embrace a positive reporting culture, join us to become part of our story. 

We listen to those who are not being heard, and challenge those with the power to change things to act. We close the loop with those brave enough to speak up so that they know it was worthwhile and will speak up again.