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Do you have any health, wellbeing or safety concerns in your workplace? CIRAS will never reveal your personal information to anyone.

All information you provide will be processed in accordance with our privacy notice.

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Health, wellbeing & Safety Concern


Examples of what can be reported:

  • training and competence
  • fatigue
  • safety practices
  • equipment
  • work environment
  • welfare facilities
  • shift design
  • rules & procedures

  • Contact us by

    • Freephone: 0800 4 101 101
    • Text: 07507 285 887

    Call back request

  • The interview

    Tell us what’s concerning you
    Can we protect your confidentiality?

  • The report

    We write the report
    Any information that might identify you is removed
    We send report to company

  • Company response

    Company investigates the report
    Takes action as required

  • Feedback

    We send the report to you
    We ask you for feedback


    Did you know... you can make a report about any company – not just the one you work for.