A deep clean and new control measures followed a concern about pigeon droppings at Connolly station. 

irish rail dublin connolly station

Someone told CIRAS that Irish Rail’s Connolly station had an issue with pigeon droppings, risking slips, trips and falls. 

Rubbish bags awaiting collection were also attracting gulls, who ripped them open, leaving rubbish that could attract vermin.

Irish Rail asked its contractor to order new, purpose-built rubbish cages that will stop seagulls pulling out the bags. Until these arrive, the contractor will remove the existing cages more promptly so the gulls can’t get at the rubbish. Irish Rail has also asked all train staff to store rubbish bags in the cages instead of on the platform.

A station deep clean has removed droppings, and pigeon control measures are now in place. Extra bird spikes are being installed to prevent pigeons from settling, and an area under the train shed closed off to stop them roosting there.

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