Concern raised that rainwater could distract drivers and cause a road accident.

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A reporter said that rain had been leaking into the driver’s cab of several Scania buses at Kilmarnock depot, making the dashboard and steering wheel wet.  They said that it was worse in heavy rain.  The reporter was concerned that the rainwater could distract drivers, make the steering wheel slippery or get into the driver’s eyes, which they believe could cause a road traffic accident.  They asked Stagecoach Bus Western to identify all buses experiencing these leaks and fix them.

Stagecoach Bus Western’s response

This issue seems to be a specific vehicle model issue, which we have experienced in our other operating companies.  We will now carry out a full check on each of the affected vehicles to determine why water is getting in and address the problem.  We will check defect cards in order to identify the worst affected vehicles and prioritise these first, but our aim is to work through the whole affected fleet during the 28-day maintenance process.

When a bus is in the depot for its periodic inspection, it will undergo a thorough check of the window and panel sealing around the affected area.  Each vehicle will be checked on a case-by-case basis, as it is not necessarily the same issue affecting all vehicles.  Each vehicle will be inspected visually to determine where water is getting in, possibly involving diagnostic tools and equipment such as a smoke-pro machine, used to identify leaks in various operating systems.

The short-term solution will be to pack out the area where water is getting in with an absorbent to soak up any fluid and prevent a leak into the cab until we attend to the vehicle properly and resolve the issue permanently.

Long-term steps will be:

  • to remove all windows around the affected area and reseal them correctly, and reposition window gaskets if required
  • to inspect all panelling sealing and security, and reseal if necessary
  • to fill any noticeable holes and cracks caused by damage or wear and tear that could allow water through
  • to replace any missing tree guards.

We will then put the bus through the bus wash to see if the repairs are successful.

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