Investigation follows safety concern about work at Westbury sidings.


A reporter raised a safety concern about work that was taking place at Westbury sidings 4 and 9 in February 2020. The reporter believed that these works might not be compliant with Construction Design Management (CDM) as designs were not signed off at this location. They were therefore concerned that track workers might lay rails incorrectly (in the old position).

The reporter was concerned that this could result in a derailment and asked if Network Rail could:

  • confirm if CDM sign off is needed for the work identified above;
  • if so, ensure that the work complies with CDM.

Network Rail's response

Network Rail would like to thank the reporter for raising their concern. We have carried out an investigation and have found that the reporter has identified some areas which have been addressed. All the appropriate duty holders under CDM 2015 have been appointed and have accepted these appointments for the sidings project at Westbury. However, the specific element to which the reporter refers has recently been added to the scope of work and the appointments are being extended to include this work. 

We have reviewed the design element. This project is currently in design phase and all the appropriate checks such as interdisciplinary checks by our principal designer organisation have taken place.

The interdisciplinary reviews were carried out in early 2020 in line with our programme. All hazard information will be managed to ensure that it is communicated to those undertaking the activity.

We have reviewed all the CDM arrangements for this project and have found that they comply with CDM 2015, including the L153 guidance and Network Rail’s standard NR/L2/OHS/0047, issue 7. We have addressed the issues over the arrangements for reviewing appointments under CDM 2015 where there is an extension to a project and we thank the reporter for raising this matter.

Where there is an extension to a project which includes a change of scope there will be a review of the CDM arrangements including duty holder appointments to confirm that these are current.

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