Concern about horn not being sounded leads to new communications, a training review and covert tram rides.

sheffield tram

A reporter told CIRAS that trams were not sounding their horn to alert trackworkers as they approached a railway construction site in Sheffield.

The site is next to an open line for train and tram use. Trackworkers expect trains to sound their horn on approach. If a tram does not do this, the workers are less likely to spot it in the noisy environment.

On receiving the CIRAS report, Sheffield Supertram immediately put out a notice and sent radio messages to all tram-train drivers confirming they must sound a warning. It also reviewed driver training to emphasise this messaging.

Supertram assured the reporter that its procedures tell drivers they must also sound an extra audible warning on the tramway after trackworkers have acknowledged their presence. Managers will ride trams covertly on days when trackworkers are expected, to check that procedure is applied.

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