As with other work locations, depots and yards in all sectors have their own specific hazards and risks.

From reports we’ve received at CIRAS within the past four years, we know that these (in the image below) are key concerns* you have about working at depots.

If you have concerns about a depot, you can report using internal channels or tell your supervisor – or you can report it in confidence to CIRAS if it isn’t an immediate safety risk (real-time issue).

Depot safety concerns word cloud

*Size of words does not represent the number of reports received.

Rail depot risk

The rail industry’s Depot Working Group tracks accidents. It says the number of accidents in rail depots has remained the same over 10 years, but someone loses their life roughly every two-and-a-half years. Engineering supervisors and personnel, train cleaning and presentation staff are most affected. The Group identified key issues as incidents on walkways, electrocution, and the need for increased standardisation of depots across rail companies.

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