Easily distracted? It’s hard not to be today, but what can this do to the safety of our driving?

Maintaining focus is more difficult than ever. Reasons range from smartphones taking more of our attention and reducing our ability to focus, to fatigue or hunger, or being worried about something in your life or even something you have heard about.Internal distractions are how you feel and what you’re thinking, and external distractions include mobile devices but also work radios, sudden noises and so on. 

We asked Driving for Better Business (DfBB) about stamping out device distraction when driving and why it matters.

Did you know? Driver mobile use and the law: It is illegal to hold and use a  mobile device or sat nav while  driving. Drivers doing so can face  fines of up to £1,000, receive six  points on their licence, or a full  driving ban.

Driver distraction facts. Drivers are four times more likely to crash if using a mobile device (even hands free). 40% of drivers name hand-held mobile use as one of their top four road safety concerns. Reading a text or email takes a driver’s eyes off the road for at least five seconds.

Mobile best practice from Frontline Matters driven to distraction article. Only use hands-free devices if company policy allows and when you are happy it is safe to do so. ✓ If using hands-free devices, make sure they are  fully set up before starting to drive. ✓ Always ensure a clear view of the windscreen and  road ahead. ✓ Do not hold or interact with a mobile device while  driving. ✓ Where possible, switch mobile phones to a safe driving mode (silent or switched off). ✓ Using a mobile for navigation is legal as long as it is in a cradle and not in the driver’s hand.

Many employers discipline drivers caught holding and using a mobile device while driving, and  it will also increase vehicle insurance cost.

Top 3 offences detected through Operation Tramline

This National Highways and Police collaboration targets dangerously driven commercial vehicles, other high-sided vehicles and private cars to reduce incidents caused by unsafe driver behaviour.

Top 3 offences national Operation Tramline: 1. Seat belt offences. 2. Driver not in proper control. 3. Mobile phone use.

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